Sunday, February 6, 2011


Hay, super fast naman ng araw, tom is monday and back to work again!! I think i had a very very chill rest day because i just stayed lang at home, twitting, downloading movies, reading blogs and bonding with my family.

After my movie marathon I attended Sunday Mass, its was a tagalog mass in St Micheal The Archangel in Bayani Road Fort Bonifacio, The ceremony of the Priest is about the Reproductive Birth Control or RH Bill. I can say that RH Bill for catholic is bad, according to the Priest LIFE IS A GIFT, well what can i say tama naman siya.

We visited mom too, i super miss her and i think one month ako hindi naka visit sa kanya due to my schedule. I talked to her and ask for guidance and to watch over us. My mom is now happy with God, its been 10 months already that shes not with us. I can say that its still hard for me to move on with my life because i really really miss my mom. =( i hope that mom would help me move on with my life.

I miss you mom and I Love you so much.

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