Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday Movie Marathon

Sunday Chilll for me, as in relax lang... i woke up like around 8.30am. Had Tikoy for my breakky then started watching movies i downloaded last night. Paranormal Activity, Tangled, Devil and Green Hornet and After Life.

First Movie I watched is Green Hornet, well i find it corny or what but its all good, i know this movie is still showing in manila but then again i was able to download it. =)

Next is Tangled, back to pagiging bata, typical cartoon flick, i love and i really really enjoyed Tangled. Eugene is cute, i love him (chos)

Next is Devil, mmmm not that scary but i made me think why o why. The guy from this movie the last guy standing in elevator is hot yun na. =)

Im still waiting for Paranormal 2, not yet finish eh. Tagal Much.... then After Life mmm ill watched it later na lang. =)

Anyways guys... enjoy your sunday.. Sunday is Family day, you have one week to be with your friends, ilaan naman ang Sunday for your Family and specially to GOD so meaning dont forget to attend mass today.

Happy Sunday. =)

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