Friday, May 27, 2011

BGC Passion Parade: Philippines First Balloon Parade

This summer, BGC is commited in igniting and nurturing people’s passions, On May 28 and June 4 at 5:00pm, in cooperation with One Serendra and Two Serendra, BGC will hold the country’s first ever Passion Parade. It will be held on Bonifacio High Street along 7th, 9th and 11th streets.

The parade, set to go along the main thoroughfares of Bonifacio High Street, will feature an exciting and colorful display of 7- to 12-foot high colorful, giant balloon sculptures and a huge assembly of BGC’s very own ‘passion communities’ composed of runners, cyclists, skateboarders, Miata sports car and Mini Cooper enthusiasts.

The gigantic balloons will represent some of BGC’s public art installations like Reginald Yuson’s ‘Hearsay’ and ‘Specific Gravity,’ and Conrado Velasco’s ‘Tinstaej no. 85,’ all found in Bonifacio High Street; as well as Gerardo Leonardo’s ‘Balanghai,’ and Reynato Paz Contreras’ ‘The Trees.’ Subjects of passion such as camera and pet dogs will also amuse everyone. Watchers would enjoy free handmade balloons twisted like ladybug bracelets, skateboard helmets, flower head dresses and fish head pieces.

The participating passion communities, led by Miata Club Phils., Pinoy Mini, Loop Bikers, Mountain Bike Phils., and Barely Legal Running team, have prepared surprise gimmick acts that are a must-see. They are all eager to be at the Passion Parade to share and mingle with other enthusiasts. Bonifacio Art Foundation Inc. will hold a ‘Sketch Up’ wherein 5 sketch artists will give out sketches of people with the public art installations as backdrop

Don’t let this summer end without being part of something as exciting as this one-of-a-kind BGC Passion Parade. Everyone is guaranteed with an afternoon jam-packed with fun activities for the entire family. Experience the blazing exchange of passions only at the ‘home of passionate minds.’

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