Saturday, June 4, 2011

'Glutathione injectables not legal' - FDA

MANILA, Philippines - A warning to those who want to have fairer skin: Think twice before going to a skin clinic to get an injection of glutathione, a drug that can whiten skin.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clarified on Wednesday that only glutathione tablets are approved by the agency, and not glutathione injectables.

"Ang glutathione injectable ay hindi tama, hindi pinapayagan, hindi legal dahil walang approval sa amin at walang studies na nagpo-prove that these are safe," said Nazarita Tacandong, assistant director of FDA, on the radio dzMM's "Tambalang Failon at Webb" on Wednesday (June 1).

Glutathione is a drug that is used to treat cancer. Its side effect is the whitening of skin as it deactivates tyrosinase, the enzyme that helps produce melanin, the pigment that determines skin color.

Tacandong said when a person takes glutathione, the skin becomes whiter as a reaction of the body to the drug.

Glutathione may cause kidney failure and blood poisoning, said the FDA.

Tacandong added that the FDA can only advise the public not to use glutathione injectables.

It is up to the Professional Regulation Commission, she said, to go after doctors administering glutathione injectables.

Credits to ABS-CBN News
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