Sunday, June 5, 2011


Popochos, the newest, freshest, fierce sports watch that hits the Philippine shores from Europe and the US. Popochos, means “cool” or “sweet”, are designed and made straight from Italy that caters both athletesand fashionistas alike.

For athletes and sports buff, these watches contain tourmaline. Tourmaline is a semi-precious mineral that gives off negative Ion. These Ions produce biochemical reactions that increases serotonin in the body, serotonin boost our daytime energy to help athletes, whether in training or in competition. Aside boosting energy, it also alleviates depression and relieves stress for the days ahead.

For fashionistas and trendsetters, the Popochos skins are the “it” thing. Popochos watches are cool in itself but with Popochos skins, a whole new way of showing your own personal style. From simple monochromatic covers in different colors to skins that are dressed with Swarovski elements, these skins provide a fashionable and funky experience look at the time.

Popochos are accessories that fit the everyday life here in the metro. This is a must-have watches that are colorful, fun, simple and stylish with covers. For every Popochos watch and every Popochos skin to choose from, you will find what suits you best.

Popochos is available in:
Watch Republic
Mall of Asia

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