Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dimensione for Fab Crib

Sabi ko naman sa inyo eh... ill post some picture that i have sa fab crib from Dimensione,
so this is it!!! Some Cute items from my fave store.

Stool Chairs, so cute!! actually bet ng mga friends ko kasi ang bongga.. keyboard lang at super useful kasi kung hind gagamiti then can be use as table

Next item My One Week Schedule White Board, oh diba dyan ko lang nakikita kung kailan ako pwede mag singit ng ibang sched kung kaya...

at minsan sched ko when ako mag pay ng mga bills... wow im super responsible na ah... not very me when it comes to paying bills but i have too... hehehehe

this one naman magnetic board with 5 small magnetic frames, yes dito naman i put all my bills to remind me and some naman note or kahit ano lang... hehehe so cute coz its black. nandyan din some magnetic souvenirs from different country...

hehehe yun lang naman basta i love Dimensione coz of some cute items... next naman some of my oil burners na man ang ilalagay ko... heheheheh

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