Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New Fab Cheap Chair for my Work area

Yehey... Dimension is giving me one chair and inisip ko agad kung san ko ilalagay... I want sana this one kasi arm chair sya but since ill be using it for my work table... So wag na lang toh coz baka hindi sya mag kasya.....

The Price of this chair is 1,295 with arm chair while yung chair lang cost 995php... I love the yellow chair but since my theme is black white and red, white na lang.... Mukhang ma-inspired ako mag blog at sympre mag work because of my chair... Hehehehe Maid in china pala yung chair.

Plus ngayonko lang napanasin na halos lahat ng items ko sa fab crib galing sa dimensione, small stuffs nga lang... I have the complete set of cltr alt del enter stools that cost 1400 plus plus (red black white and gray) post ko ung pics soon....

Magnetic boards and weekly sched board also from dimensione and most of my oil burners and scented oils are also from them. Ill blog some items fromDimensione para bongga.... Share ko din sa inyo..

GVness + Fabness =Geriness

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