Thursday, August 2, 2012

Old Music Disc as Deco

Look what I found sa Mansion de Familia General, Old Music Disc na naka stock lang sa old player... I ask Auntie Jo if I can have some para I can display sa Fab Crib, now that I have it na.. I don't know naman what to do, I know I can make Old Music Disc into more fabulous decoration. Hmmmmm pero what I want is dapat mag work pa rin sya, I mean when I play this disc gagana pa rin sya.. Kasi nag play pa sya.. Sayang if masira diba, its a collectors item na so hindi dapat sya masira..

Pls guys.. I really really need your help para maging bongga sya.. What to do? What design? How? Pls pls pls need your help...

For now ang ginawa ko is ganyan lang (see the picture) thinking if I can hang them sa curtain rod or make a wall keme for GV area...

Pls help me... Need Ideas.. I have a lot of this.. As in..
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