Saturday, May 2, 2015

Hair Stylist Paula

After how many years of having a super long bangs, last year i decide to have a new hairstyle. Medyo takot ako kasi im not sure if the new hairstyle will be bagay to me, ang nakakaloka pa is that new hair stylist din, Fix by Bench is the one sponsoring my hair treatment (thanks to our family friend Tito Manuel Chan brother of Ben Chan) Belle is the one fixing my hair sa Fix Serendra the nearest fix salon sa akin (i miss belle) but now since i decided to change and cut my long bangs ill try naman The Artista Salon (Thanks to my friend Ethel Booba for arranging my appointment with the owner and fixing everything) so Paula of Artista salon is now my stylist, ang daming halhal and terms and conditions ko for my hair kasi nga kinakabahan ako. So after the meeting Paula asked me 

"Sir bakit ka mag papacut and new hairstyle?" 

Me: "ah eh... Kakahiwalay ko lang thats why! New hair new life"

So dun na nag start lahat lahat... Until now sya pa rin ang hair stylist ko and I introduce him to some of my friends like Miguel of Globe and Jc of Micro Ingram.

My First ever selfie after my session with Paula and i said "Wow" when i posted this photo sa Facebook ang daming nag like and comment na friends kasi hindi sila sanay na wala akong bangs.

Meet Paula, his bday gift to me is Hait Color.

His doing my hair for my Mom's 5th Death Anniversary 

During our Sunday Group Salon Bonding

The Very Fresh Sanggol Eater Paula 😝

Visit Artista Salon Villamor Air Base or Newport City and look for Paula 

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