Sunday, December 20, 2015

Pares Retiro (Live a Little)

Live a little!!! Honestly hindi ako nag enjoy sa salad ko kanina in fact my natira pa but. I promise myself to eat it hahaha..

My friends Jaja, Rhaio and Kian invited me to have dinner with them somewhere in cubao, i know its malayo but i want a real food! Hahaha so i decided to join them.

Meet Rhaio and Jaja i saw them accedenatly sa H&M with Kian kaso busy buying gifts for his pamangkin ata or pinsans.

After how many minutes of shopping went to this pares pares thingy somewhere in P tuazon, Cubao. This is the 3 time na kakain ako ng pares na enjoy ko naman sya but not my fave food hehehe 

I had the Baby 2 Meal which is Pares and Iced Tea for only 140php.

Jaja had Lechon Kawali (putok batok)
Rhaio had Siomai, chopsuey and Bulalo 
Kian naman had Baby 2 Meal, Bulao and Mais con yelo w/o sugar.


Then after dinner and chikahan, tambau muna kami sa house ni Jaja somewhere in cubao.

Jaja Thank you for welcoming us to your house =)

I had so much fun with them daming chika about boys kaloka, sana man lang kasama si..... Hehehe

Anyways good night yah all. 💋

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