Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Tagaytay Lake District

We saw this place from the highway and it looked really nice... so we decided to have a drink here! We were shocked with how pricey their drinks are! A bottle of Moscato that usually costs Php400 is 4x the price here.

Their San Miguel Draft Beer which is only around 250mL (according to their server) is Php150.

Tried their ChocoLake Blast, which is a signature cocktail, and their House Blend Iced Tea. Both actually turned out pretty good!

The ChocoLake Blast tasted very much like a chocolate milkshake with liquor.

The iced tea was very lemony, which I liked.

In terms of ambiance, the first floor was so much prettier than the second floor. The second floor is probably nicer during the day since you can enjoy the view.

Service can also be better. It took quite awhile for them to serve us our drinks. We also had to ask twice for our bill. Their food menu looked good too. Interestingly, while their drinks can burn a hole in your pocket, their food prices seemed reasonable.

I'm just not quite sure how big the servings are. Will definitely come back here next time to try their food. :D

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