Friday, February 19, 2016

My friends Opinion about LGBT

"That's sad for someone who had given glory for our country, and the boxing world.
I had been asked on my opinion on what Hon. House Representative Pacquiao said on same-sex marriage. My take on the matter is - he has his beliefs, it is his own, but, he should have known better. Being part of the House of Representatives, and running for a senatorial seat, means that he should represent and protect the best interests of the electorate and our government.
Arguments should have been logical, respectful and constitutionally-based. His beliefs are his own, and as a politician (and like everyone should be); should have kept it private, or could have phrased it, sensitively. People can be fervent, grounded and firm on their faith, without degrading, judging anyone.
I had also been asked on my stand on same sex marriage. The law should grant emancipation, protection and the promulgation of egalitarian rights, based on merit and common benefit, without any prejudice. We are a democratic republic not a theological state. Morality in government of any free, non-sectarian state, should be based on universal truths not on faith of organized religion.
I move to grant egalitarian rights, be passed in any nation, or in every sector of any free society. It is what my conscience dictates. I do not force my views on others, I only implore critical and logical reasoning, and not just common sense. I am for same-sex civil marital rights."

-Christian Miranda

Everyone has the right to self expression. But one must know when and how smart to use it on a very sensitive matter particularly religion, race, sex, politics, etc. You can't use/quote biblical statements all the time, only if applicable. Which, I think personally isn't appropriate since gay marriage is the topic. Was he smart to ackowledge the separation of church and state, he can justify it well. How? Explaining that state has the supreme power to acknowledge gay state marriage whereas the church has their ultimate say to not allow gay church marriage
-Ger Marquez Aguilar

These are not my own words. But it sums up all the things I want to say to the friends who just revealed their true faces...their true feelings about people like me. Yes, I'm GAY!!! And I'm so damn proud it! It hurts...and even that word can't describe the pain I'm feeling...why? You may look at me with those loving eyes but think of me with disgust. Please know that you can't love me and condemn me at the same time. Consider this our break up letter! Feel free to unfriend me.

-Mimi Torres

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