Thursday, February 25, 2016

Super STARLET meet the Super ICON Madonna

His/Her Story

Ok, so here's what happened:

When I got to my seat at the upper box, I knew I didn't like it. I really felt disappointed that I wouldn't be able to see Madonna up close. It didn't feel right. So I started walking around outside, found friends to smoke with (Kenji and Karlo), went back to my seat, still felt the bugging disappointment, so I went downstairs to the main lobby to smoke with my friend Homer who was seated in the VIP area.

While I was downstairs, I was spotted by 2 white girls and asked me if I wanted better seat. I said yes, and they gave me a SVIP ticket. I CRIED!!!! I hugged both of them, and in between sobs I explained to them that I'm such a huge fan and that I organized this Madonna exhibit. It was an Oprah moment!! I immediately ran to where Jujiin was (patron VIP) and just cried! Denise found me and took me to my new area--- RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE FUCKING HEART!!! I swear, I couldn't stop crying!!! It was the dream view of everything! Front and center! Seryoso, my dream came true, yun yung feeling!!!

Then Madonna came out--- EYE CONTACT KAAGAD! From there, hindi ko na siya binitawan. I knew all the songs! I sang with her in all of them. I danced to everything, never sat down at all!! I screamed out the names of all the dancers. She looked at me directly sa isang buong chorus ng Who's That Girl!! HEAVEN!!!

When the last segment came (the 20s), one of the two girls who gave me my new ticket took me aside and asked me if I wanted to be the Unapologetic Bitch for the night. FUCK YES!!! FUCK YES!!!! FUCK YESSS!!! So sabi niya balik daw uli ako sa likod at the start of La Vie En Rose.

AND YUN NA! Dinala na ako
sa gilid ng stage, but I could still see Madonna checking me out from where I was. And then I had my 4 minutes with her. She called me brave. ❤️❤️❤️ Her eyes were soooo beautiful!!! I made her laugh! EVERYTHING WAS TOO MUCH TO HANDLE! Naka-sayaw ko si Madonna! Inakbayan niya ako. Pinatong niya ulo niya sa akin. Sinabi niya ang pangalan ko paulit-ulit: Super Starlet! 

ANG SAYA-SAYA KO RIGHT NOW!!! Feeling ko lahat ng ginawa ko tama... Mula sa exhibit at pagmemorize ng buong concert, hanggang sa last-minute decision na mag-drag. Everything just came together. The universe gave me my moment with Madonna... The one thing I've been wishing for ever since I found out she was coming to Manila. 

Hindi pa din ako maka-tulog! Thank you sa mga well-wishers na nag comment and like sa post ko the other day about wanting a better ticket. Maraming salamat sa lahat ng artists, sa TxF, sa mga DJs, at sa mga kaibigan na tumulong sa akin i-mount yung #madonnacubao1982 exhibit. MARAMING SALAMAT, UNIVERSE!!!! Closing party nalang this Friday, and nandun pa din yung wish ko na pumunta siya sa Cubao. 

Pipikit na ako. Gusto ko siya mapanaginipan tonight. 💖

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