Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Ichiba Japanese Market

There is seriously a lot of shouting that goes on in this place, like a lot. 

The ambiance is one of the best things about this place that is as long as they decide to stay in place and not attack the people eating. There was a lot of thought put into the decor, the furniture to create the illusion that you're in Japan.
Now let's pretend I didn't wait an hour and a half to get in and start my review from the time I sat down at my table. The guy waiting on us (Rambo) was very good, he knew his way around the menu and was a nice guy to chat with. We got our orders out of the way and things started to go downhill from there.

Our takoyaki arrived first and it was pretty well executed. Not much to talk about with takoyaki anyway so I'll now move on. Our gyoza and salmon sashimi arrived soon after. The gyoza was slightly overstuffed with filling and the fried side was crispy as expected and it was overall a good representation of what gyoza should be. The salmon sashimi was fresh and was pretty good and is actually comparable to some of the pricier salmon sashimi I've had. We also got the Ichiba Roll which is basically fried tempura roll topped with kani. Not really the most original of recipes and it was as spectacular as it was original.

What was spectacular though was that a pretty large piece of cintra board made its way onto our table. That's right a large board came undone and fell right on our table, hitting our heads and breaking glasses in the process. Thankfully no one was hurt and their management promptly offered their apologies and gave us more food (on the house). Still the fact that I have to worry about stuff like that while eating isn't a good sign. Also the board that fell down on us added to the shouting.

Moving on to other things. The best thing I had was one of the beef yakitori that we had. I unfortunately forgot the name of it but it was bursting with flavour and was cooked well. Though if I really think about it considering it took them over half an hour to get it to my table it better be that good.

The most remarkable thing about Ichiba is how much waiting you have to do. They even have a photo booth area to help fight off your boredom. From getting a table to actually getting service, to getting your food to arrive all at the same. Other than their well trained staff and the ambiance (which may or may not be a plus depending on how well their adhesive holds) there really isn't any reason to visit them. I came here with pretty high hopes and just like that cintra board it all came crashing down.

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