Monday, May 2, 2016


The place itself is not overly extravagant but Nathaniel's Bakeshop makes some pretty darn good noodle soups! For me, the best was the Lomi. The broth was silky like a great Japanese Ramen but full of flavor. It comes with huge chunks of pork that still have the fatty goodness on them. The noodle soups here are perfect for the price and great on a cool or cold day. Noodle soups come out hot, so be careful not to burn yourself.

The siomai, almost as good as the Lomi (heck, maybe even better). The skins are thinner than I'm used to. Grab some of the garlic dipping sauce, a little chili oil, and have yourself a fantastic Php55-meal. There's really not much else to say about this place. Definitely come check it out and eat some noodles here, or take it to-go, if you're ever around the area.

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