Wednesday, June 1, 2016

5 interior trends to get into this 2016

We’ve scoured the internet and round up some of the biggest interior trends we’re seeing this year. From materials, to colours, to quality.. We’re going to give you our top 5 favourites ways to jazz up your home in for 2016!

1) Black metals

We’ve been seeing steel-framed windows and black hardware all around lately, and for good reason. While it is simple and unfussy, it sure makes a statement. We recommend going with matte for a cleaner, more understated look.

2) Bring the outdoors in

A Beautiful Mess
This is where the line between the indoors and outdoors starts to blur. We say embrace the explosion of greenery in your home and pair them with super cool handmade planters.

3) Brass and gold

By Zenz
These are here to stay! The warm metals will be dominating 2016 as they continue to bring some luxe to your space.

4) Rose quartz

Anna Gillar
One of the 2 Pantone colours of the year, it’s undeniable that blush tones like this are becoming a huge favourite. It even makes a wonderful neutral actually! Sure adds a nice rosy warmth by itself but also allows other hues to pop, don’t you think?

5) Sustainable materials and practices

Deluxe Catalog
It’s quite apparent that sustainability is quickly becoming the heart of anything that is being manufactured today. Keep a lookout for materials that are renewable, such as bamboo, and of course ethical workplace practices. That’s right folks, sustainability is hot right now.

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