Saturday, June 11, 2016

Good Hotdogs for you

When one craves good dogs, it doesn't hurt for it to be in a place that is open 24 hours.

Once you enter, you can really feel as if you are in a sports bar. One where you could relax and watch a game or two on the numerous LCD TVs on the wall.

They basically offer 4 kinds of dogs and meals that can pair it up with beer, soda and fries, wedges, and onion rings.

 Although a bit expensive, you can get a voucher that would give you dogs at 25GP each.

Remember: Responsible gaming only!!! 
 Its basically a cafeteria styled place where the guy gets your order and assembles it up.

It could be a bit crowded as its a favorite with casino goers. 

The dog was packed! It has a surprise between it and the bun. The fries had the right amount of crunch in them. Wonderful!!!
 The dogs are awesome!!! One bite and I was hooked. The taste is wonderful and perfect. Although the most affordable one, the classic is still the best! Plain and simple! I love it.
They also offer some wings and nachos if you are up for it and beer for those semi-alcoholics. LOL!

Anyway, the pricing is a bit on the high end for dogs but if you're a frequent gamer and also a lover of all things long, juicy and awesome, you wouldn't mind shelling out a few bucks and getting these dogs!!!! 

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