Friday, June 17, 2016

La Lola

Many - I'd say all of us - have come to know and love churros because of Dulcinea. So I'll have to say that I'm pretty impressed with the way Churreria La Lola has done a good job of reimagining this product and amplifying its potential as an accompaniment to hotdogs (the latter item I haven't tried yet, but see picture of 'perritos calientes').

The product comes in beautiful and well-considered packaging, which enhances the product's appeal; the cutout accommodates a cup for sauce, which is a lovely idea. Too bad I didn't figure out earlier the square cutout holes at La Lola's tables were to hold their cones :P 

Do I find it expensive for what it is? Yes. Is it good? Yes, it is.

I believe they've tweaked the recipe somewhat to sweeten the dough and maybe give it a bit more fluffiness and crunch after frying. It's a treat worth saving for - and queuing for, if the line's not too long.

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