Thursday, June 23, 2016

Ninja moves at Sushi Ninja


If you're looking for an extraordinary japanese dining experience with a growing teenager, Sushi Ninja is a great bet. I van understand why this place got a great score here in Zomato. The interiors are solid industrial with its concrete slab bar, concrete flooring, palette furnishings & quirky ninja stars & sticker accents, I'd say I'd give it 5 stars for ambiance & decor. The small garden just outside is a great plus for me too.


Food-wise, we ordered Wakame salad (P150) for appetizer. It's a small small serving of seaweed salad with tako (octopus bits) & ebiko. Small serving but I really liked the light fruit vinegar dressing & generous sesame seeds. Sake maki (P160) I normally don't order sushi maki because usually a miniscule piece of fish wrapped in so much rice, but in this case, it was the opposite! A big chunk of salmon sashimi is wrapped in just the right amount of sushi rice & nori. Shinjuku maki (P395) - spicy tuna, unagi, tamago, deep fried & topped w/ kani, Japanese mayo & kani. The special sauce for this decadent deep fried maki completes the dish. A very unique dish of Sushi Ninja, Toshi is a 4pcs of fried makis. We got the Okinawa Toshi (P360) - torched salmon & cream cheese topped w/ truffle oil. We love the trufflle oil add-on. Salmon was melt in your mouth good! Covarrubias Maki (P370) -Spanish inspired maki w/ chorizo, tamago, chorizo mayo & topped with black sesame is a unique fusion dish.


Overall I like this place, it's quirky & unique but unfortunately it's on the expensive side thus the 4.5 rating. But the consolation for this place is the big servings for the specialty makis. :)

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