Monday, June 20, 2016

NMD Adidas White

So when I got these out the box the first thing I noticed was that there was no nips, not the biggest problem tbh as I've heard due to their small size they come off pretty quick. I pressed the boost pretty firm and it felt nice and springy which was satisfying.
I wore them out for a day round BGC and shit they are comfortable. The boost felt nice and cushioned and then the padding around the sock liner was hella soft. The PK on the front hugged my feet nice and gave plenty of breathability.
The things I've noticed good and bad, although tbf I don't know the flaws all that well:
  • the PK pattern isn't quite lined up exact on each foot, the left felt a bit further toward the toe than the right
  • no nips
  • strange purpley kind of colour on the right heel, looks like it was rubbed against something
  • continental sole, I don't think this is right for the 1.0??
  • 3m flash on the tongue, looks cool.
  • some grey marks, maybe glue, on the heel plates.
  • these are white as shit in most lights but sometimes look a bit off white in others, its supposed to be off white right?
  • dirt marks on the top of PK, not too fussed about that tbh.

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