Wednesday, August 17, 2016

#Charotism Contest

 Witty ka rin ba gaya ni Ethel Booba? Sali na sa WRITE YOUR OWN #CHAROTISM for a chance to be a part of ETHEL BOOBA's upcoming book! See the full mechanics below. JOIN NA!


-- WRITE YOUR OWN #CHAROTISM online contest is open to everyone. 
-- Participants must send their original funny quotes inspired by the wit and wisdom of Ethel Booba's most popular tweets via direct message to VRJ Books social media accounts: (FB, Twitter, IG)
-- All entries must be original.
-- Subject matter is open, e.g., politics, showbiz, love, life, etc.
-- Length of each quote: 1-2 lines; no minimum or maximum number of characters.
-- Language: Tagalog, English, or Taglish
--Participants may send as many entries/quotes as they can. More entries, more chances of winning. 
-- The best 10-20 quotes will be included in the book #Charotism: The Wit and Wisdom of Ethel Booba. 
-- Each winning participant will receive an autographed copy of the book. 
-- Deadline for submission of entries is August 22, Monday, 6PM
-Winners will be notified via direct message from VRJ Books official social media accounts.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Stupid is FOREVER


Sense of humor is almost absent among politicians, but Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago is a truly talented exception. People are puzzled how she can spontaneously make them laugh in the midst of national policy crises, and of real danger to her life as a corruption fighter. 

This book is a collection of jokes, one-liners, pick-up lines, conebacks and speeches delivered and/or curated by the beloved Senator. Also, inside are illustrations by Cj de Silva-Ong, Manix Abrera, Elbert Or, Rob Cham and more of the Philippines' best young illustrators. (From Goodreads)


Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago never fails to amaze me. With her wisdom and wit, she was able to win the hearts of everyone, especially the youth. We were all in awe on how she can bravely fight corrupt officials, and still finding a way to keep things light with her humor. That's why her book, Stupid is Forever is a must read.

It's a compilation of her best and most notable one-liners, jokes, and speeches. Most of us can relate to it, and definitely will be entertained. It's a perfect read while waiting during your trip or a good way to spend your break at work or school. Aside from the good laugh, some pressing issues about our politics, economy, and education landscape were also discussed. But you have to read between the lines for it.

Overall, this book is a good reminder to not take things seriously, and still find the light of things no matter how dark it is. Also that Stupid is really Forever and among us.

Recipe Newport


Great place for affordable Filipino dishes. I love the Gising Gising and General's Chicken. The kare-kare's also delicious - the menu says it's good for 2 persons but serving's actually good enough for 3-4 persons. 

They also have set meals (viand plus rice and a glass of iced tea). Perfect when you're on a budget. I always order the Garlic Chicken whenever I opt for the set meal.

I didn't like the dessert though although they offer different dessert each day - just ask the server. At that time, we had Buko Pandan. It was just pandan flavored nata de coco and gulaman. Better have your desserts elsewhere.




Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Book Review


I wasn’t going to do a book review so soon, but I snatched up a copy of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child yesterday afternoon, and have already read my way through it. Don’t worry, I won’t be hiding any spoilers in here for you (trust me, that’s my biggest pet peeve). Since I went through it so quickly, I couldn’t wait to talk about it!


At first I was about to dismiss this book as I did with some of the others that came after the “original” Harry Potter series, but I am so glad I didn’t!

First of all, as you may already know, this book is actually the script to the new play in London of the same name. That can take a bit of time to get used to as you’re reading, but once you’re into the flow of the story, it won’t phase you anymore. It is well written, and you really get to know some of the characters you haven’t met before who are very endearing.

As with every Harry Potter story, there are some twists and turns you can’t foresee coming, and you struggle to think of how they will get themselves out of the trouble they find themselves in. It’s a thrill to be taken along for the ride.

During my reading, I kept trying to imagine how they would accomplish to create some of the effects on stage, so now I have a thirst to watch the play for myself. In movies there are plenty of special effects at disposal, so it will be fascinating to watch it happen in real time.


Since it was written in script form, it was much faster to get through than the other books. In total there are 308 pages, much of which has double spacing to break apart the dialogue and the setting of the scene. I enjoyed being able to read how the scene would be set at the beginning of each “chapter” or scene as it says in the book. It helped me establish what I wanted it to look like before I began to read and I found that helped me create it more visually in my mind which in turn made it more enjoyable. I went back and forth between picturing the original actors to picturing the ones from the play which I have previously seen photos of.

I highly recommend this book to any Harry Potter fan. Don’t dismiss it because it’s not part of the original series. It is well worth the read.

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