Monday, September 26, 2016

Food: Mr Choi's Kitchen

Mr. Choi's Kitchen's Yang Chow Fried Rice - All time favorite Chinese fried rice, this one has generous servings of ham, shrimp, some squid and vegetables tossed into the egg-infused rice.

Mr. Choi's Kitchen's Baked Roast Duck with White Sauce - Perfectly baked rice topped with generous servings of roasted duck and covered with thick and creamy white sauce - You will definitely ask for more!

Mr. Choi's Kitchen's Camaron Rebusado - Classic way of serving shrimp, Mr. Choi's version has the right golden brown and flavorful breading served with the right crisp.

Mr. Choi's Kitchen's Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet - Breaded fish fillet that is cooked with a certain softness and smothered with thick sweet and sour sauce and finally topped with tender carrots and red bell peppers - You will not even notice that you're eating fish!

Mr. Choi's Kitchen's Taosi Spareribs - A must-order dimsum whenever I go to any Chinese restaurant. Soft spareribs with salty taosi. Perfect with a spicy soy sauce and calamansi concoction. 

Mr. Choi's Kitchen's Spareribs with Chicken Feet Rice Toppings - Overflowing bowl of rice topped with the same spareribs and chicken feet dimsum delight.

Mr. Choi's Kitchen's Chicken with Sweet Corn Soup - There should always be an order of soup whenever we dine out. This is specially for the little girl. A generous serving of rich and thick corn soup with sweet corn and chicken bits - Really sumptuous. 

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