Thursday, September 22, 2016

Food: Peperoni Pizzeria


Peperoni Pizzeria is a Singaporean pizza franchise known for their thin-crust, wood-fired pizzas. All the pizzas that come out of their oven are prepared with their signature homemade dough, which took years to perfect, and is one of the reasons why Peperoni Pizzeria became a local pizza darling in Singapore.  

The restaurant currently offers 16 pizza flavors that come in 3 sizes, from a 9" pizza to their signature 21" pizzas, and 14 pasta flavors. A number of pizzas in their menu are classic Italian flavors that Peperoni Pizzeria that's perfectly done.

The restaurant has this modern industrial clean look and feel. I had the opportunity to sample a few of their offerings after an invite from zomato for a foodie meet up (definitely a late review 😜)

For starters, we were served deep fried crusty Funghi Portobello topped with a fillet of sautéed chicken on a bed of arugula in red wine reduction. I found the sauce way too salty and the overly thick breading just added insult to injury as it absorbed the sauce, ruining the beauty of the mushroom, a total deal breaker. They had some good ideas going on for the dish but sadly failed on the execution. The portobello should have been respected more as it can very well stand on it's own. We also had Pasta Alle Vongole with venus clams in white wine sauce. It was light & fresh but lacking in character. For the pizza, I got to try four variants; the Prosciutto Crudo di Parma topped with my favorite arugula. The arugula balances out the saltiness with it's refreshingly nutty-bitter taste, oooohh soooo good! This was my favorite, in contrast with my fellow foodies who were in love with the Pancetta which was topped with creamy 3 minute eggs. We were also served pepperoni pizza, can't argue with the quality of pepperoni used - good quality. Lastly, the Quattro Formagi (4-cheese) which had generous toppings of mozzarella, scamorza, taleggio & gorgonzola. I love gorgonzola, it wasn't as distinct as I wanted it to be but generally a joy to munch on. Overall, I find the food a tad average, nothing that'll blow my mind.

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