Tuesday, July 3, 2018

House Manila

If you want to have fun and have a great time, House Manila is the place to go, definitely one of the top luxury club’s in Manila. Music is good, crowd is beautiful. It’s best to have a table here since the place is usually crowded especially on weekends.

The club is spacious enough to accommodate 400 seated guests and 1200 standing guests. The couches are also well apart from each other which gives your group a good feel for your own space especially when you are seated at the VIP area. The service is also good: it's usual for waiters to light up your cigarette when you are about to smoke (P.S. it's my friends who smoke, not me.), but what I liked about them is that they memorize your glass. I kept transferring seats in our table, and surprisingly, my glass follows! :)

 Situated at the Basement of Holiday Inn Express now not Remington Hotel. (Remington changed to Holiday Inn Express already.

For table reservations, guestlist and inquiries you can contact Rain Fajardo at 0916 670 9861
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